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Think of us like a band, but instead of getting your booty shaking with groovy tunes, we're capturing the essence of your most cherished people and memories, immortalizing them for eternity.

Sooo yeah, we’re totally a band (of rockstar time-stopping creative ninjas).

Three passionate souls came together to kick ass and celebrate all the beautiful things that make life awesome. And they called themselves… Heirloom Creatives.

Once Upon a Time...

Our work is extremely fun, and we take it extremely seriously.

Nick, Brittney and Oly here! We are #beyondblessed for the privilege to live, work and play in Central Washington. Photography and filmmaking provide us the tools to capture and celebrate the beauty in the world around us. We also love people, and all the squishy feels and emotions of being a human. So yeah, wedding photography is our happy place.

Local Storytellers.
Professional Wedding Crashers.


In a lone wolf industry, we’re the wolf pack.

The photography industry is mostly part-time, lone wolf shooters. As a full-time studio with a dedicated team, our scale enables us to offer a premium experience and product beyond what solo operations can provide.

Our Approach is People and Story First

We're not just photographers; we are storytellers who put people at the heart of every shot. With over 10,000 hours dedicated to mastering our craft, our journey has been one of passion, precision, and personal growth. This extensive experience fuels our ability to bring each client's unique story to life, capturing moments with both professional finesse and a deeply personal touch. 

Both Oly and Nick know how to capture all of the intimate candid moments without getting in the way! Some photographers have been known to hijack timelines to set up photo opportunities, but that has never been a problem with either of these photographers. They know how to get the shot perfectly and quickly, then allow the couple to continue enjoying their party!

Always a Blast!

- Brown Family Homestead

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We believe in creating timeless images that transcend fleeting trends, ensuring that your cherished memories are preserved in a way that remains meaningful and relevant through the years. 


Our 2200 sqft creative studio in the heart of Wenatchee’s Historic Downtown District provides a basecamp to access Central Washington’s most premium venues
(and Wenatchee’s best restaurants!)

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The best gear doesn't take the best photos

Our toy box is filled with Sony Alpha mirrorless cameras and an arsenal of premium high-definition lenses that help us crush every shoot. And this isn’t just about having the best tools; it's about us mastering our craft so that you can experience the finest results.

But it sure helps

Photographer & Filmmaker

Nick Dirk

Nick Dirk

Brittney Loveall

Brittney Loveall

Oly Mingo

Oly Mingo

Project coordinator

Photographer & Filmmaker

Meet the team

For realz this time

My approach to creative endeavors is driven by an admiration for storytelling and  empathy before anything else. I have always had a fascination with the power of a well told story. This, combined with my love of photo and film, I found my happy place, with a camera in hand. When not in the office or on location, I enjoy spending my time with my amazing fiancé and two dogs, preferably in big body of water on a warm summer day. 

Favorite Wedding Scene:
The Newlywed Shoot: I love those quiet moments with my partner where we get to just be happy to be with one another, I can't think of a better moment that encapsulates that feeling than the first time a couple is truly alone after they get married. 

Lover of the ocean, movies, and dogs

Nick Dirk

Brittney Loveall

Oly Mingo

I’ve had a diverse career that has allowed me to learn far more than any school could have taught me. From my years in customer service to marketing and social media management, the best part of my career has always been to connect with people and help them achieve their own goals. The Wenatchee Valley is my home and I feel blessed to be a lifetime resident and community member. You can often find my son and I eating tacos at our favorite restaurants or catch me hanging out with friends downtown. 

Favorite wedding scene:
The best part of any wedding for me, whether I’m a guest or working, is the dance party. There’s something magical about seeing grandma, college buddies and little kids all out on the dance floor having a rad time.

Lover of french fries, leg day, and good vibes

Brittney Loveall

Oly Mingo

Nick Dirk

From a young age, I was captivated by photography and filmmaking for their remarkable fusion of creativity, technology, and storytelling. Every week, I'm amazed that I’ve built a career that infuses my daily life with such beauty and joy, and fosters genuine connections with many incredible families and individuals. My wife and daughter are my absolute best friends, and living, working, and playing in this wonderful region makes me feel like the luckiest guy on earth.

Favorite Wedding Scene: Paternal First Look: As a father myself, witnessing another dad see his daughter as a bride for the first time is an incredibly powerful and emotional experience.

Lover of margaritas, loud music, and croquet

Oly Mingo

Brittney Loveall

Nick Dirk

We believe there is a 

We measure success by more than just profits. We value experiences, relationships, empathy, and integrity. We aim to provide a premium, trustworthy experience that goes beyond a transaction with a commitment that extends beyond photography; we're deeply involved in mentoring creative-curious youths and supporting our amazing local non-profits through pro bono donations. 

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Heirloom Creatives offers premium, full-service wedding photography and cinematography for destination weddings in Central Washington. This is our home, allowing us to offer our clients unmatched creative expertise and local know-how. We believe heirlooms should be tangible memories, and provide gallery-quality prints with every wedding package. We accept a limited number of engagements and weddings each year, and invite you to inquire today.

Specializing in wedding photography and wedding films for:

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